Lifetimes will organize a series of internal, national and international workshops as well as PhD courses during 2018-2023. We will update this space with more information about these events.

PHD Seminar

Times in Plural
Media, History, Culture

This Ph.D. seminar explores ways of knowing, mediating, and imagining time, time scales, and intertemporal connections from a broad historical and geographical perspective. It looks at models for dividing and synchronising times of history and times of nature, and how this changed in the modern era. For the seminar we want to gather students who take an interest in the role of multiple times in culture, history, and media. We will address an open-ended set of questions and theories, linked mainly by an interest in how times split up, come in conflict, and are synchronised. Students will acquire knowledge about key contributions to theoretical debates on the modern experience of time. Through a combination of approaches from cultural history, media studies, anthropology, and STS-studies, participants will also develop analytical skills in relation to some of the conflicting and multiple temporalities of contemporary society.